We of course in this mission of you know taking analytics education to everyone who wants to learn and I'll fix and be more data proficient we have now clock over 1 million learning hours purely memetics so our challenge was that we wanted to bring the best of blended and classroom programs to an online environment so that we can address some of these problems and gaps that exist and the people have told us about and in that effort we started piloting and developing a program sometime last year where we started discussing with various industry professionals in terms of their apprehensions about online analytics programs and also with faculty and interacting with hundreds of online learners understanding you know where did they think that online programs were lacking and how could be fill that gap suppose this research in this dedicated effort for over eight to nine months that led to the creation of what we call as B ACP that is business analytics certificate program which we believe is the best way to learn analytics online today as things time it's the six months completely online program.

So you can take it from anywhere at any point in time it is certified by a great Institute of Management again one of the leading business schools in the country and most importantly we have created what we believe is a completely new way to learn online that makes it effective and engaging for the participants and let me not make a false claim let me actually tell you what do we do and you would probably correlate it with your own experiences that you may have heard or you may have experienced and some of the things that I had shared earlier the first aspect that really distinguishes the program from everything out there is the quality of faculty like we have created content you know contributed by India's best analytics faculty right.

It is a combination of top Great Lakes faculty as well as industry and for two of our leading contributors process of opposite ear enter speaker wish nothing who are program directors for our analytics programs at Great Lakes they've been ranked with an India stopped and analytics faculty plus beyond all all the content from Academy academicians and analytics we also have collaborated with industry professionals such that they delivered over sixty yards of industry webinars which had mostly problem worked so it is not it is not global beyond that is coming your way but it is more about taking a problem solving and doing a case study and and doing it in such a manner that you are also able to solve along with the industry profession the second key aspect that we brought in especially to address two aspects or two failures of motion improvements one is the dropout rate or the completion rate which was very very low and the other is and the other is collaboration or coordination with industry so that your learning is complete is that we brought in personalized mentorship and micro classes.

Let me tell you what this means so when you join this program what happens is that every participant is allotted a mentor and a mentor is essentially you know an analysis professional and today we have over 100 plus industry metals from leading companies this is a Microsoft CTO at the lauritas PC and so on so two of the program you get about 40 hours of personalized mentorship wherein you know the mentor will not just help you understand concepts better help you solve problems better but also help you with career guidance and career advice which is extremely unique it doesn't happen in any other program the second aspect that we saw was that you know we one of the reasons why we social or why be witness to such high dropout rates and online programs is because candidates elected themselves right depend for themselves so what we did instead is that we in this program create small groups of four to five people and a mentor is assigned to every group right.

So that you never left yourself and you learn as a pro right so there is the social learning and peer learning also that comes in so even if you are slacking your peers will pull you up and say a lesson let's let's complete this module or let's you know work on this project and so on and come to think of it you know that is the way that we were always left right right from schooling to college to post graduation to where we would have done it here you would see that learning essentially or a critical component of learning is social learning learning in small groups with your friends and each helping out each other so that is something that we we bring to the online program and that completely changes the dynamics and addresses these major problems that we otherwise seen online program the third aspect that we are very very focused on is that we help candidates build your body of work as they call it so that once you complete the program you're not going out into the industry with just a certificate but you actually have a lot more to show and it begins right from the way you learn so when you look at the curriculum of the.

ACP you would see that it is a completely application driven project driven learning given the program curriculum itself is broken down into six modules and there are about six to seven projects that you do one project roughly with every module right and that is the way you learn right so it is not just theoretical learning that you get in here but it is actually a lot of application and application you've been learning that helps you understand these concepts even better in an industry interface so by the end of the program so apart from just the certificate you also get to showcase you know six high quality projects so when you're going into interview you're not just saying that it's not done the certificate program but what you're also saying that saying is that I have done these projects and you can actually showcase those funds and these projects are modeled around real-world business problems with Americans the next aspect that is crucial for any good quality education brands like Great Lakes is that there has to be academic rigor index so we focus a lot on teaching analytics and data sciences.

We don't just look at foods you will of course learn are within the program but again you know what we do with tools is help you work on data sets you're not trying to make you another programmer here we're actually trying to make your data scientists or the business analysts you know already the engineer and for that what you really need to understand is the anodic side of things and that is what you really focus on the curriculum quality again distinguishes the program completely in terms of the way it has toward the exposure in the depth that is given in the curriculum right so you cannot compare you know 30 40 our module or a course with what BCP years which is close to about 200 or us evaluations are again a critical part of the program and this is where the industry relies on us this is where we get the credibility from the industry it is not as.

If you paid for the program you are going to clear it you know no candidate gets to clear the program unless and until they clear all evaluations to the satisfaction of the faculty you know so that is extremely important and that also essentially ensures that the brand stays intact within the industry but more importantly you also learn something as the candidate you know and and you just not buying a certificate we also use a dedicated program manager to ensure that you know even if you are falling behind there is enough hand-holding that is done to help you come back on track but imagine this would just be like a relationship manager but for your education and and that kind holding essentially is very important especially you know because everybody is a unique learners their learning pace is different and what this does is that it keeps a tab on everybody so that you know we ensure that a large majority of the class go together in their learning journey and the last but definitely not the least reason is the education plant you know the brand Great Lakes that gets associated with your professional credentials Great Lakes itself is ranked in top ten business schools.

Now he is in fact language the leading analytic school in the country with multiple programs in analytics and lots of industry affiliations and analytics and this industry credibility and acceptance is extremely important when you pursue education and I'm sure that is something that you already witnessed in your career so all of these experiments that we did you know led to some fantastic results and they just wanted to quickly than you through those so that you realize that it is not just something that we want to do but it is something that we are already doing in seeing results so completion rates in BAC P are about 90% and contrast that with 25-person which is the best at Peapod for other online programs 88% of the participants rated the program falls less on five which is excellent which means 88% if you're familiar with the net promoter score 88% of the participants actually said to the recommending program to their peers and friends in the industry and this is fantastic and that only happens when people have good learning outcomes and have had a fantastic experience in the program we've had several cases of career transitions again you know from IT.

I'll take spew as cases of transitions of people progressing in their existing companies itself you know change of rule change of project people from analytics who come into the program and doing better than they career so multiple examples of career transitions and again that has that is use of a combination of things of because of what you are learning what you're able to showcase to the outside world and of course the value that the brand thinks we now have 100-plus industry in the SS faculty and mentor so you seen contributions every single day in terms of how our content gets better and how a learning experience that we deliver with the program is more effective from an industry standpoint and that is again something that is extremely unique to the program usually an online - well what happens is that content is once created and keeps getting recycled that sort what happens at pcp there is a there is a component where you interact you know directly with industry guests and mentors and and this list only keeps growing if you go to our website of course you will see a lot more examples of stories of our students and alumni who pursue the program and what their experience has been.

I would really urge you to do that so that you get a better understanding of how people have used this but even if you look at a few that I mentioned here you see that the highlights are essentially the depth of knowledge that candidates receive in the analytics domain and how we ensure that motivation is on for all candidates so that they complete the program again we have a mix of candidates you know we have younger professionals with four or five years of experience we have senior professions with more than 20 years of experience also doing the program right and the ways the whole model is built and the way the mentorship works is that it works beautifully across experienced domains and industries and that's how we allocate miss out you know mentors and your and those micro classes that we do.

I think we're right on time to thank you so much for your questions I I can still see questions trickling in what I would suggest is that please do write to me or reach out to the admissions team with any of your questions that I've not been able to answer if you already put in your questions don't worry they will ease answer them as well on one-to-one conversations my email id is mentioned right here so feel free to write to me with any queries or any clarifications that you may need or anything else that you would like us to conduct a webinar oh and we more than happy and we keep doing you know such info sessions at regular intervals.

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