You can say a level of acquisition is when someone provides his phone number also and then one more step he can also let you know what time you can call them right or the last one or maybe more is that he is reaching out and saying that I want to buy your product he clicks on the Buy Now in facebook itself by is the product on Facebook you receive the order from Facebook and then dispatch it now that is when I say that customers acquisition from social media can be a goal but then your ultimate objective should be clearly defined for you to understand actual progress or how much you have made towards your goal right.

So traffic from organic search that is also another KPI key performance indicators for a digital marketer that how much of traffic website traffic are you able to drive to the website right and then traffic from bailed search how much of people are coming from the paid search campaigns search ads or Adwords and all of that and sometimes email open rates click-through rates are also success metrics for digital marketing how I give an example for example if I have an email database of about 10,000 people right I have a new say a white paper or an e-book which I have written.

I want these 10,000 people to download that ebook right it's a suppose it is a period a book somebody has to pay one rupee to download that book and because it is one rupee people think that it is still okay even though it is very difficult to search for the credit card putting the information for one rupee and all that but sometimes if someone tells you that this tells you this ebook will tell you how do you become a digital marketing expert within eight hours and then it is 100 P you will obviously buy it I mean not everyone but almost 70 75 percent of the people will buy it they will say one rupee within eight hours I will be a digital marketing expert most of you will even try to buy the book just because you want to prove that the book is wrong but the messaging is wrong whichever the case the advertiser has sold the book right.

Now how many people open the email if your subject line is good maybe 300 people will open the email from 1000 and then out of the 300 maybe 30 people will actually click through the email to the payment page right and then thirty people finally buy it so what is the percentage of conversion the percentage of conversion is thirty from 1000 which is 0.3% 0.3% conversion is what you got now imagine so how does the returns from digital marketing get calculated them so this is how it is calculated one rupee 30 customers made the payment so at the end of the day from the email drive email campaign we got 30 rupees entirely to the business now if the cost of email campaign itself including the salary of the person monthly divided by the number of hours it takes to set up this campaign and all of that if you are not able to bring down the cost of email campaign to less than 30 there is no point in doing the campaign because there is no returns from it there is no positive return.

Why do it so what are digital marketers then striving hard to get while they definitely want to increase their salaries and everything but what we are looking for is greater returns from our campaigns imagine if the number changes if the number changes to about 7700 people opening the email and about 200 people buying it how much we are getting now 200 rupee from one email campaign and if you have one lakh subscribers that number will then increase to 20,000 and then if you have more it will go and more if you increase the size of the the price of the product to 10 rupees or 100 rupees you can imagine that is how digital marketing works that is how digital marketing ROI is calculated referrals or inbound links which are backlinks to your website that is also one of the successful metrics for digital marketing alright so this slide is very small but folks who can see the link there is a link at the bottom of the email which says mark tech infographic marketing technology landscape and this is the marketing technology landscape for the year 2017.

We have five thousand two hundred and thirty two companies who are product companies in the marketing space imagine how vast is this area how big are the players there are some big player small players every two years every year actually we are adding almost 1000 new companies into the marketing space and that translates to approximately three companies per day so every eight hours one new company in the marketing space is being born continuously every day 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year every eight hours a new company is born imagine the amount of potential imagine the amount of challenges which are there imagine the amount of need for digital marketing professionals all right current state of things so what are the mind-boggling fact some of you I mean we all must know these are some of the very old stats but then you can definitely look at for 2007 in state of digital marketing 91% of consumers check their emails every day 66% of consumers have made a purchase online after an email marketing message oh.

We all agree do it even if we are not aware of the numbers we all agree to it why because we get marketed to we receive emails from Flipkart from Amazon from jabong from mantra sometimes we wait for them also for example a couple of days back we had Independence today and me and my friends were actually waiting for Independence Day reviews and then when we started seeing them in our emails we knew that okay Independence Day deals are on and I was ready to purchase all of the things which I had planned to buy so emails definitely a major part of digital marketing and how you implement email marketing is something which is very important as well if you send emails from your Outlook or from your Gmail I will not say it is digital marketing per se because you are not able to understand how many people open your email people click through the email.

So when I'm talking about email marketing I'm talking about an automated email marketing platform with the messages truly thought of pruned edited and then being sent to people right so remaining all of this we have over 70% of individuals in b2b and b2c who conduct research online before making a buying decision I would leave the rest of the facts because there are many more like this very interesting stats which nothing but bolsters the fact that digital marketing is definitely going to stay.

Why because we are slowly moving away from traditional and people are more and more coming to the digital world everyone who has any kind of business they today not just want to do a website that they wanted to do five years back today they don't want to do an app that they wanted to do two years back today they want to do AI today they want to do data analytics today they want to understand their customers so that they do not lose out any single customer how do you do all of that unless you have the ability to capture the data from online sources to classify the data to make meaningful insights from the data and to take actionable takeaways from the data what you should implement right.

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