How to apply these concepts that is yeah that is the hard part and that is where you know companies give premium to candidates the fourth aspect is you have to think about how will the industry do it right and this is where education pedigree matters and it matters not because of the certificates that you get it matters because of the credibility that you know a good pedigree business school or educational institution enjoys in the market like which will not be there with training companies and so on so so as far as possible you should try and you know to continue your education with a high-quality educational institution that is well recognized the name master secondly you know a lot of the times our partner couplings have said that you know they keep getting all these resumes from base candidates.

Who's done a bunch of online analytics programs but as soon as you know they conduct an interview the recruiter is puzzled because the foundation itself seems very weak right so that raises a huge question like Adamek the trigger of most online programs and that is extremely important because that is what will maintain the brand in the industry and that is what we can get you your you know most favored job the third aspect is that you should know who the faculty is right ultimately you have to know who are you learning from and for that, you should do more research to understand who are the people who are teaching the program what are their backgrounds profiles achievements right and you know what would that really mean to you as a candidate the best programs that.

I have seen of course always combine really good academic faculty with industry leaders so that once you're in the program and you start your learning in analytics your learning is not just restricted to the ki-netic part but also a great part of it is by industry in terms of industry applications and so on the last point which is also a big discussion point is assume that you've done this course or done this program online at the end of it what is it that you've got to show right and this is where you know we have to understand how recruiters think about hiring right first and foremost gone are the days when people would just give you a job because you are from an XYZ top School in the country today certificate means nothing sorry pedigree still matters because that they enjoy a certain trust with educational institutions of higher degree so that matters but don't go in with the expectation or the assumption that you want to walk in and you will sleep through the program but the end of it you want to get a certificate even do according find that next best job it doesn't work like that.

So what is important today is that you as a candidate have to demonstrate your competence if you're not able to demonstrate your competence in analytics demonstrate your proficiency in analytics or the data or any of these other fields you know it is hard hard to convince a recruiter to give you a job and one way to demonstrate this competence is by what we call its body of work right so when you're learning online you know try and put a concerted approach on how can you build your profile better right what more can you do what kinds of projects like can you showcase you know what kind of hackathons or competitions can you participate in how do you build a body of work that displays what really have you learnt and what really are you good at so absolute thing this into a more detailed action plan for all of you is that this is the five questions that you should ask both yourself as well as you know the education company or or the Institute that you're dealing with and the first question should always be who's the package it's zero Who am I going to learn from.

Let me tell you something here that what we have seen is that there is a world of difference between academic faculty and industrial faculty so you know you could have fantastic people from the industry come and and teach but unless and until they're good teachers you know your learning is going to be very short changed so it is important that you understand who the faculty is and what are their credentials it is also again very important to understand what is the brand value that you know this Institute University possesses in the industry how is that going to help you the second question for you to ask is how are you going to gain industry its portion ultimately whatever you learn has to be applicable you should be able to build a skill set and demonstrate that so hence it is important that you get industry exposure learning only from academicians not never that you have to learn from the industry so that they can walk you through examples and case studies so it you know and thereby build industry exposure so it is important to understand how will you get industry exposure make it work program the third aspect is you know take a look at the curriculum.

I think that is by far the most important aspect long that faculty take a look at the curriculum and understand what is it that you learning by doing this program are you actually learning an eclectic are you actually building concepts and analytics data science machine learning or is it just a laundry list of tools ninety percent of the programs that exist today in the online space isn't just a laundry list of tools right because what the psychology here is that basically they are latching on to keywords in the input a whole litany of keywords that people are varying about and when you see these keywords you make an assumption that oh if all these keywords are there the program must be really good and really deep but that is not the way it works right.

We already spoken about this don't fall for the litany of tools rather focus on the foundation what are you learning analytics the fourth question especially it is very important for the industry is that what is the rigor in the program and you should ask this right does everybody who pay who pays get a certificate if that is the case then you know the brand will never be valued in the test you are very soon it'll stop being valued so what is the rigor in the program how do you ensure that candidates do actually learn and only then do they attach to it and finally the important most important question that is something that you have to ask we are answer for yourself is that how will doing this program add more value than just a mere line in your CV right ultimately let me show you you're not going to get a job or you're not going to get a career professional career transition just because you have a certificate from any Institute may be the best in the world that's not going to happen finally you have to learn skillsets you have to master certain called competencies that demonstrate that to have the career growth that you desire.

So hence it is important that how does this program help you do that right what kind of projects are you going to work on what kind of work can you have to show to the outside world how does that get built into your resume or LinkedIn profile you know so these are the important questions that you need to ask so that you are you know making a better decisions and we all you know we did all of this research while you know delivering or online our analytics programs because when we started we started with blended programs right even today most of our programs are in the blended mode we have one fully online and I'll takes program and what was happening over the years is that we were just getting more and more requests from people who wanted to pursue more online programs especially internationally there were so many of international papers that were coming in that we then went back to the industry and the candidates who have done analytics programs online to understand what makes a good online program and analytics or what are the things that we should keep in mind so our own program that we offer online be ACP the business analytic certification program is and evolutions that started with our learnings from you know about full four and half years of running India's top-ranked blended program in tonight X now that incidentally also is India's is one of the biggest antics program in the world today you know taken by over 1500 professionals every year.


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