All of this come into the purview of digital marketer if you ask me in digital marketing I can divide it into three areas one is strategic thinking what should I be doing with channels what buyer persona my product is going to cater to then the second one is analysis after I make the campaigns live are people actually liking my product is the persona correct is the same persona of what I thought out to be are the same people buying my product or not and lastly the execution is or the operations person who can run campaigns.

We can understand technology who can understand data mining platforms tools and leverage all of that to build they build the insides for the leadership team in the company right current state of job openings now this is something which I did on 23rd of July it's not long back just to three weeks back two weeks back so so I search for digital marketing I filtered it for India and then I started I started seeing 6,200 results for digital marketing as the keyword and then if you look at the experience level we have 2,200 an associate level entry level is 1600 plus mid senior eleven 1500 openings internship 543 for all of you who would be thinking of maybe how do I get started with digital marketing how why will some company hire me if I am going through MBA program.

I am doing a course somewhere if I am reading up why will someone do you can take up these internships facilities which you have wherein you will learn in the process and the company will also get some work done so they will be interested because they are not paying a lot of money to you so while you are working with them you learn and they are the benefit right and so executive level we have 122 director level we have 72 there are more.

I mean if you change the digital marketing is a very broad word right if you change it to social media marketing or if you change it to email marketing or email automation or CRM openings so you would see so many of them all right so so that being said I would like to share that you definitely have a great future in digital marketing the question is how to keep up pace with rapid evolution in digital transformation for marketing practices okay like you mentioned before thing I even myself after having spent over 14 years in the marketing space I find it really really hard to keep up pace with the with the speed at which things are changing in the marketing space how I try to keep myself updated is by attending webinars attending podcasts.

I keep listening to podcasts and ever I'm driving and I keep watching webinars whenever whenever I have time I just download them I keep it with me and I keep listening to them I have and then it is also you cannot because if you talk about webinars there are n number of webinars out there if you talk about speakers there are so many speakers talking about same areas you may or may not be able to keep pace if you are trying to follow everyone and anyone right so you will have to first you do an a/b testing for yourself and see that who are those people whose articles you love to read and then try filtering them down down down to maybe one or two people right once you know that these are one or two people who talk about regularly who talked about on who write on a fairly regular basis and there things are not very sale centered but they are actually implemented.

I can learn from them so I believe then download start downloading what they say how they say it start following them in different channels ask them questions put comments on their articles whenever they are writing something so that way what is gonna happen is a relationship will evolve with the virtual mentor who you have and yourself and you will then also learn a lot in the process the other way to know that is read a lot of these I read a lot of these media aggregator websites wherein someone says that we have a new startup which came in which is disrupting the marketing space by doing X Y & Z so all of that so I keep doing that other than reading people I attend the conferences.

I speak at conferences so when I speak at conferences I feel that I mean it is a common notion that speakers share what they know but other than that the rest entire portion I am listening to other speakers where I learn a lot so I believe conferences are a great way to also learn about the new trends which are happening and keeping pace with them the next question is from the mode it would be great to see Adwords and analytics remove the thing is I would really love to do that but Adwords and analytics both are individually very huge massive tools and words one the moment we start AdWords we I will also have to clear a lot of details or talk a lot of details about what the keyword should be what is the keyword relevance we will also have to talk about the long tail shorter keywords will have to talk about quality score of campaigns.

So a lot of background work has to be done since I used this line deck from the workshop so that is the reason why we have that normally the AdWords demo goes on for about two hours and the analytics demo goes for two hours I would not be able to do justice if we just opened it up and then actually did nothing so we will not do that but it would be great if you have any further questions you can reach out to saref and he can send me a note if there is something specific you want to know but please do a Google search to learn about AdWords create a dummy trial account I'm sure you would definitely be able to understand the lot of it and how do how do you use AI in digital marketing.

Now this is a great question incidentally yesterday I was at the futurist business Conclave in Kakao a lot of top people from different companies had been there the on the head of indigo Airlines was there Malcolm Frank was there from cognizant who have authored two books and so a lot of people were there and then they were discussing and just get bin rough from Tecna in Reverse there as well so a lot of these people were talking about what is it that will drive marketing going forward so definitely artificial intelligence is one area which is going to be very big we are all already seeing applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing using chat BOTS.

If you look at research in Google for chat BOTS and what they do how can they do that is the first very basic instance of artificial intelligence wherein you ask a question and the board responds by doing query to the server fetches the answer sends it back to you and then it keeps learning from every interaction because all of that data goes into the server back again and for example if somebody asked the board what is the capital of Delhi and capital of Delhi was a supporter of the I am really sorry what is the capital of India and if Delhi is the capital of India is not fed into the database the bot will say I'm not sure if I have the answer and and then do you have anything else which I can help you with right and then when that when someone at the backend admin is actually looking at that question saying that oh deadly was not fed.

So they feed in the answer New Delhi the next time someone asked that question the bot answers because the New Delhi is the answer right and then sometimes this is this is not artificial intelligence this is learning from the backend now how does the bot learn the the board will be asked a question what is the capital of India and then so much he says that the bots reply is saying I have no idea or these are the next question the person would say that is Delhi the capital of India and then the board sends it back over and over when we do adorations with thousands of people lot of extra data points which is not already in the system comes into the system helps in making the application that is where we call it artificial intelligence and machine learning right.

So digital marketing will definitely see a lot of that there are two companies who I know one is core dot a I and then there is what works for AI who are working in this space creating chat BOTS creating a chat bot platform and they're doing pretty amazing work I'm sure you would like to know more about them when you do a google search the next question I am a small entrepreneur from Rakesh but struggle with finding good resources which I can use for for what yeah which I can use for I believe it is for digital marketing for creating graphics making videos content writing Wow okay Rakesh I I can totally agree I can totally relate to what you are trying to say even when I try to hire people for these positions it is very difficult for someone to understand the entire picture what we have now become is we have become very siloed designers.

We talk about we say UX designers but then user experience understanding of user experience is I see that the skills need to be upgraded there is definitely a gap between what we want and what we get in the market but I mean I'm not sure how do I answer this question we just have to keep searching till we find the right people it is difficult to hire people for everything and to learn everything on your own could you some suggest some very basic resources which can be used for all the stuff I am struggling with I would want sort of to answer this because I know great learning is a great platform they have a lot of resources they have a lot of great faculty who come in and help people to understand marketing overall and different other areas in detail.

I believe sorrow will be able to get back to you on this Rakesh what is the next idea to digital next idea to digital marketing okay I mean what next after additional sure so the question was why because because like I mentioned from yesterday's conference if I am able to quote so three things are coming up big way one is what I mentioned artificial intelligence and machine learning this is one big area which will definitely be becoming really really big the second is automation anything and everything will be automated and the third thing is Internet of Things anything and everything will be connected to the Internet the moment everything is connected to the Internet we will have even more marketing even more need for digital marketing because now the right now we have only two or three devices using which we are connecting to the Internet and we are seeing this is the level of growth of digital marketing.

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