How does it what does it mean for business if you work for a bank that has 18,000 people you're probably going to have a special role for everybody so the short answer is every one of these areas is going to grow big data analytics is not one area per se it's a whole it's the whole value chain or the whole field of everything that goes into analyzing and using data to make good business decisions it is probably the hottest field right now so I guess the short answer is yeah I do you think it's going to grow.

I think it's going to grow you know unchecked and really rapidly for the next five years if not more so I hope that answers your question I think there's the person who had a question about Hadoop Business Park I clarified and said okay what about in the five-year time frame I don't think it changes my attitude is I think you still both are loop ends part will be relevant to the next five years there will be evolutions as a new tool introduced nearly every week so just because you know you know the Hadoop environment or the ecosystem doesn't mean anything it means that you constantly have to keep up to date on all of the tools that you know that is built on the kind of HDFS layer and the HBase tables and all of that other stuff or if the runs part you'll need to learn all of the spark related tools but that pick one and go with it but make sure you're really really good at it because you know learning the other is not that hard, to be honest, it's the principles of how you do.

How you work on either of them that matters unless okay so the qualification is unless you are the administrator in which case obviously it's completely diff but both should be around for the next five years I'd say if you are an administrator on the margin then you should you know you should probably know a little bit of both because to some extremes Park is based on on a lot of water they used to be another question is around a Microsoft bi professional moving into big data and machine learning especially with big clear technologies being mostly non-Microsoft technologies like Java or Python and so on so, in fact, I said think about adjacency if you're a business intelligence person you know visualization tools that everywhere you know Microsoft has its own cloud platform increasingly starting to make products out of a lot of the analytical tools you know.

You know how do you move in I'd say start with what you know where if you're a business intelligence person try to understand you know work your way back business intelligence is kind of the last step in this process in the sense that it's the point at which you're generating the court is the point at which you're displaying information to the business user think back to what kind of visualizations went into it and why like what are the choices think back to okay why is that the right way to represent that information and what kind of knowledge is went into it and attic so I think it makes a lot it makes it a lot easier for you to be an analysis and visualization and in business intelligence person that is closer to the business rather than becoming a big data expert so to think about those occasions it since you seem to be on that path already I think it makes a lot of sense we focus on that in terms of what whether it's Microsoft or not Microsoft technologies.

I honestly can't directly one where the other end and the reason is because pretty much everything is becoming two legs are sticking most of these are becoming interchangeable plug-and-play systems so I am assuming just like with Android and iOS and everything you have to pick a platform and go with it but I don't think Microsoft is going anywhere in the short run so at least in the short run you cannot go wrong trying to understand you know how everything works in the context of the Microsoft is your Plus analytics layer on top of that which then leads to your kind of business in sizes okay a question about the completely drastic change of carrier here from somebody who wants to become a data engineer from a construction engineer the question is is this the right time because of the layoffs and and so on slope the reality is it's not except for the fact that you have had responsibilities manage team being a professional and know how to execute two deadlines and so on there is not many things I can think to translate and from construction engineer cadence so you have to accept the practic you're going to start from scratch which means that is kind of resetting the Tyrael in some ways or thinking about you know ways to do finding some kind of initial intersection between you know data engineering and in the construction industry right.

I think the one kind of advantage you have if you start to become good at engineering is understanding the unique business problems of the construction industry and then being able to solve that it's not something that I know anything about it's not something that most people who have not worked in Windows you know anything about so obviously that seems like a good place for you to to start but the setting the expectations is very very important right so you cannot expect it to walk in and you know you've done of course or you don't have one year program or six months of them or whatever it is and in a particular area and therefore you know somebody is going to you know to give you a mid-career or the mid-level job in that area right so that's not going to happen when it comes to your question about into the right time.

I don't see why not yes there are you know some layoffs and some kind of job uncertainty in the IT industry but even within that there are obviously going to be a lot of new jobs in a lot of areas now like I said if you are in a head-to-head competition you know with eight years of experience in the construction industry who's learned you know data analysis or data engineering for a while is somebody who's been in data warehousing for six-seven years and then learned data engineering chances are you know the second person is going to get the job in Matthew and so you have to be realistic about what it is that you're trying to achieve which is why if you learn these skills the logical place to go is to figure out how you can use these skills into a domain. 

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